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A message from one of our Founders:

"My brothers, my brothers, my brothers. There is no amount of words to describe what it means to be a brother, yet alone a founder of this fraternity that I hold very sacred to my heart.  When people or the public, especially in Hawaii which the fraternal system is non-existent, find out that I’m a member of a fraternity, they think of all of the negatives in the media and what are rumors.  “Oh you are the guys that push people down stairs!”  or “You guys are all about partying!” However, people don’t know, and will never know until they are a part of this fraternity what our brotherhood is and its strength.


It’s quite simple, what have I gained through these years while being a part of Xi Chi Sigma?  I have gained brothers for life and I’m all in. It sounds simple, but it is complex for many of us.  Brotherhood gives us a strong network, a family that some of us that have never had, and by all means individuals we can depend on in all situations.  Our brotherhood runs deep, even past graduating college.  I can speak on beyond the date of graduation and being the oldest member of this fraternity.  Honestly, I can call my bros at a moment's notice for anything. Hey, some of my closest friends don’t share the same bond as I have with my brothers.


Like most of the brothers in this organization, I have given many hours and hours of work, blood, sweat, and tears to this organization, but it has given me more.  I’ve truly found what it means to be a leader, and also what it means to effectively follow.  I’ve created networks that still to this day are very strong and valuable.  I’ve found a strong confidence in myself through adversity.  I realized and experienced the joy of how a small group of individuals can create change, and not only participate but dominate the most difficult of situations when they arise.  


In short, through this fraternity and the countless experiences we have been in, I’ve finally found myself and the man I want to be.  I credit this fraternity in giving me guidance and the patience to outline myself and the creation of my being while I continue to evolve.  I love this fraternity with all of my heart, and I will always continue to offer my undying support to my brothers.  Humbly, and don’t take this wrong, I am Xi Chi Sigma, and there is no one that can make me change my strong love for my brothers."

- Mr. Ryan Himeda

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