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Asian Cultural Awareness

  •      Xi Chi Sigma, being a multicultural fraternity, stresses the importance of cultural heritage. Not only is Xi Chi Sigma part of the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) but also the United Cultural Council (UCC) that governs all the cultural clubs on campus. University of the Pacific is home to a wide variety of cultural clubs such as Kilusan Pilipino, Vietnamese Student Association, Hmong Club, and more. The majority of our brothers, if not all, are involved in a cultural club on campus. 


  •        Xi Chi Sigma is actively supports these cultural clubs as we attend, are involved in, and help out with their events. Kilusan Pilipino and VSA hold their big cultural nights in the spring where they showcase a grand performance with rich history and art from their heritage. Xi Chi Sigma always offers its resources so that we may assist them, such as tabling or being part of ninja crew for these shows. Asian Cultural Awareness is a huge part of our fraternity. Check out our other pillars below and what we do. 

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